Melbourne | Global Mobility x Diversity and Inclusion

Event Name:
Melbourne | Global Mobility x Diversity and Inclusion
Start Date:
19 March 2020
End Date:
19 March 2020
KPMG Melbourne, Level 37, Collins Square Tower Two, 727 Collins St Docklands
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Phone Number:
+61 (0)2 9372 2377
Event Description:

Over lunch, we will discuss and provide insights regarding how to ensure global mobility policies, appropriately address, consider and care for an organisation’s LGBTQI+ staff on international assignments.

We will as a group:

  • consider some of the available data and information available;
  • brainstorm some of the global mobility and other challenges to consider (including sharing case studies and examples);
  • consider the health and safety requirements incumbent upon organisations;
  • explore how to effectively manage staff security and wellbeing;
  • discuss what best practice might look like to ensure the global mobility policies are appropriate and inclusive of LGBTQI+ staff; and
  • provide an overview of some of the key immigration considerations 

While we do have some limitations on the number of attendees for this session, please let us know if you would like to bring along a ‘plus one’ from your diversity and inclusion team and we will do our best to accommodate you both.

We have a fantastic session planned and hope you can join us. A light lunch will be served.

Event Type:
Live Event