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Case Study

World Sport Tournament: Repatriation of an Attendee with a Neurological Condition



International SOS supported an individual who was working for a broadcasting company in Doha during the World Sport Tournament who was complaining of neurological symptoms. Following assessment, the team arranged a successful medical evacuation from Qatar to the USA.


Two weeks before the World Sport Tournament, on 24 October 2022, the International SOS Dubai Assistance Centre received a call from an American male who intended to stay in Doha for the tournament. The employee was experiencing an array of neurological symptoms and wanted to get checked locally, as the symptoms started affecting his professional life. With his symptoms increasing, the patient expressed the wish to return to his home country, the United States of America. The patient needed medical support with repatriation as entry restrictions were in place during the tournament, such as Hayya card requirements and lead time for medical clearance. 


Our team of experts discussed the case internally and concluded that, considering the medical condition and the need for a long-haul flight, the patient required a medical escort. International SOS partnered with a local provider in Qatar to source a Doha-based escort nurse who was exempt from having to apply for a Hayya card. The nurse would accompany the patient to Dubai where another nurse would take over for an onward flight to Los Angeles. Our team arranged the flights for the patient, secured the two nurses and coordinated patient handover at Dubai International Airport. Medical evacuation of the patient was successfully arranged and he was safely taken to his home country to continue his treatment.


With our team of trained experts and established medical evacuation standards, we secured and obtained all approvals and necessary travel and medical clearance requirements, such as vaccination certificates, to send the patient back to the USA. We ensured the patient returned to his home country safely, where he could receive further treatment.