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Burns emergency desktop

Case Study

Turbulence Related Burns Emergency in Mid-Flight Over the Pacific Ocean

MedSupply aviation kits and MedLink support were used to provide first aid to a 6-year-old girl who suffered 2nd-degree burns from spilt tea during a flight from Honolulu to Tokyo.



MedSupply aviation kits application and MedLink support to flight crew members in burn emergencies during flight.


About halfway into the flight from Honolulu to Tokyo, flight attendants began distributing food and beverages to passengers. Sarah (6)’s mom requested for hot tea, and as the attendant reached over Sarah to hand her mother the steaming cup, the aircraft experienced some turbulence. The attendant stumbled and spilt the cup of hot tea onto Sarah's arm, and her skin visibly turned red. 


The flight attendant quickly put ice from the beverage cart into a bag and put it on Sarah's arm, then called MedAire's MedLink. The flight attendant described the situation to the doctor, who suspected Sarah had 2nd-degree burns. Medlink's doctor instructed the attendant to go into the Enhanced Emergency Medical Kit (EEMK) on board for burn gel, sterile gauze bandage, and children's pain medication. Working calmly and reassuringly, the cabin attendant applied the burn gel and loosely wrapped the young girl's arm with gauze to protect her blistered skin. About an hour after treatment and pain medication, Sarah was at ease and slept during the flight duration.


Comprehensive solutions to mitigate risks to crew, passengers, and guests. The result is the ability of crewmembers to provide timely, accurate care with the guidance of MedAire’s medical experts.