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Supporting the Security Needs of a Tech Giant in Northern Africa

Case Study

Supporting the Security Needs of a Tech Giant in Northern Africa



International SOS helped its client, a tech giant with offices in thirty countries across Northern Africa – one of the most turbulent regions of the world in terms of security risks and uncertainty – meet their security needs and keep their employees safe.


The Northern African region is a volatile one; faced with election turmoil, consecutive military coups, tribal conflicts and civil wars, countries of the region often turn upside down overnight. The risk of uncertainty is thus high, and for our client, it meant needing the right expertise to maintain the security of their employees operating in the region.


In order to manage security risks and protect our client’s employees, International SOS sent a Senior Security Consultant to Northern Africa to act as the client’s regional security expert. The long-term embedded Security Consultant oversaw security management, emergency plans and responses, risk assessments, information collection and analysis, on-site security surveys or audits, and security awareness trainings and rehearsals, among others, to support our client’s workforce.


Besides supporting our client during six major regional crises (the 2020 civil war crisis and 2021 general elections in Ethiopia, Chad’s 2021 general elections, the 2021 military coups and unrest in Sudan, the eruption of the Mount Nyiragongo volcano in DRC, and the 2021 Guinea and Mali coups), our ongoing security consulting services helped manage emergencies and prevent security incidents on a daily basis. It also allowed our client to keep their workforce safe and to maintain their business operations in Northern Africa.