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Case Study

International SOS Malaysia Supports Government Efforts to Vaccinate Workers from Key Economic Sectors and the Wider Public



In 2021, International SOS was appointed by a not-for-profit healthcare company to support the Malaysian government’s efforts to increase vaccination rates for employees in key economic sectors and to reduce COVID-19 in workplace clusters. Between July and September 2021, International SOS Malaysia organised vaccination centres across several locations in Putrajaya, Kuala Lumpur, Johor and Perak. 


In June 2021, the then-Prime Minister of Malaysia announced plans to ramp up vaccination efforts following the importation of 16 million stocks of vaccine. This was to take place over two months and would require the opening of 300 new vaccination centres, nationwide. 

At that early point, only 7.2% of the Malaysian population had received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. A Public-Private Partnership COVID-19 Industry Immunisation Programme was launched, allowing private healthcare companies with the necessary capabilities and expertise to support the Government’s National COVID-19 Immunisation Programme. 

Attaining higher rates of vaccination was crucial for companies, especially those in critical business sectors looking to maintain their operations. For the wider population, the goal was to achieve herd immunity in support of a speedier return to normalcy. 


Upon International SOS’ appointment as a support partner, a company-wide effort in Malaysia was activated. Every department was involved in working with the various government agencies and authorities, partners, sponsors, vendors and suppliers to ensure programme set up within five days. Preparations included logistics around the storage of vaccines and other medical equipment, putting road ambulances on standby, establishing emergency procedures and ensuring smooth and rapid on-site operations from registration to vaccine administration. 

A partnership extension was granted to International SOS to conduct further vaccination centres beyond the Klang Valley in the states of Johor and Perak which included dedicated vaccination drives for industrial parks and workforces from the Oil & Gas and Mining sectors. 


Over a three-month period, and with International SOS’s support in mobilising the mass vaccination centres, over 130,000 vaccine doses were administered to workers from key economic sectors and to members of the public. International SOS is proud to have played a part in contributing towards reducing pressure on the nation’s healthcare system and in supporting the reopening of Malaysia’s economy. By the end of September 2021, over 60% of Malaysia’s population had been vaccinated, a steep increase from 7.2% in June.