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International SOS Supports Mental Health Programme for a Technology Organisation

Case Study

Cultivating Care. Strategic Overhaul of Workplace Mental Health



In response to a tragic event at work, a prominent Fortune 100 technology sector organisation turned a challenge into an opportunity by initiating an innovative Mental Health Response Training programme. International SOS Health Consultants guided the company in converting a critical situation into a long-term approach to employee wellbeing, setting a new precedent for workplace mental health initiatives.


The unfortunate incident underscored the need for the organisation to expand resources for employees coping with grief and trauma, provide additional support for employees' families navigating post-traumatic circumstances, and refine internal protocols to manage such sensitive situations better.


In response to the critical need for mental health support within the organisation, the team of International SOS Consulting experts, with expertise in Occupational Health and Psychiatry crafted a multifaceted Mental Health Response Training programme, bolstering managerial competence in mental health issues and laying the strategic direction for the programme's successful communication and delivery.

This initiative aimed to enhance the company’s employee resilience to trauma by equipping employees with the necessary skills to effectively recognise and address mental health challenges. The training focused on imparting knowledge about trauma, grief, and PTSD in the workplace while also providing the tools for creating a supportive work atmosphere.


The integration of the Mental Health Response Training programme has profoundly impacted the organisation which has witnessed a decrease in absenteeism and enhanced workplace productivity. Anticipating improved employee retention rates in the long run, we expect a subsequent reduction in costs associated with turnover.  

35% of staff reported higher employee engagement, signalling a stronger connection and more inclusive workplace culture. 

100% of HR & Benefits Managers completed the course demonstrating organisational commitment to mental health awareness. 

So far, the programme has garnered positive feedback from participants, particularly regarding its practical relevance.

This was super-helpful. It highlighted the importance of mental health and started an ongoing initiative for the entire workforce. 

- Organisational Safety Manager

Driven by this initial success workplace trauma support, the organisation now has an ongoing mental health campaign that emphasises a sustained commitment to their employees’ wellbeing.