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Case Study

Shooting at a Client Premises in Arizona, US



An active shooter incident starts at our client's premises.

Support and Solution

Our specialist receives a call on the Incident Escalation Service from a supervisor. We clarify immediately if the situation requires urgent security advice (our “Code Blue” protocol). As the caller is not facing a life-threatening situation, our specialist takes down answers to specific pre-defined questions and notifies the relevant stakeholders of our client. As the active shooter incident is still ongoing, the caller is directly transferred in priority to a security specialist who gives advise along the lines of run / hide / fight.


Our client's security team is informed immediately about a serious incident on their premises, allowing them to take necessary measures to manage this stressful situation. If the supervisor was under medical or security threat when connecting via the Incident Escalation Service he would have received required assistance, potentially contributing to saving people’s lives and mitigating the impact on his organisation.