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Travel Risk Management

Case Study

Safe Travels, Sound Health: Navigating Travel Risk Through Managed Services



Known for its cutting-edge wellness solutions that seamlessly blend digital innovation with holistic well-being, this California-based consumer health firm is committed to modernising healthy lifestyles through technology. In need of a solution to oversee their travel risk programme and provide intelligence-based reporting, they sought the help of International SOS Consulting’s expertise to implement a solution that promptly alerted internal stakeholders about potential challenges.


After recent organisational restructuring, the client faced the imperative of strengthening their travel risk and intelligence capabilities. However, expanding internal headcount was not feasible. Compounded by the lack of a comprehensive GSOC, this challenge necessitated external expertise to fill the gap.


Our team of experts assigned a full-time Travel Risk and Intelligence Specialist to work directly within our client's organisation. This approach yielded immediate impact as the specialist brought valuable prior training from International SOS, along with proficiency in global management systems and institutional knowledge.


By outsourcing the management of their travel risk programme and intelligence capability, our client has been able to redirect their focus towards other security areas. This holistic approach ensures comprehensive security coverage for their employees. With a global area of risk that required our monitoring, our travel risk programme covered 25,000 employees.