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Case Study

Provision of COVID-19 Pandemic Hotline Support



International SOS provided COVID-19 pandemic hotline support to organisations.


Like many other organisations, International SOS was impacted by the heightened Omicron-positive cases across the United States. By early January 2022, our doctors and nurses were receiving an increase of reports from staff who were in close contact with ill friends or family members, as well as self-declarations of a positive test. Close documentation, consistent medical and pandemic related guidance, as well as tracking of each employee’s progress and clearance to return to office – juxtaposed with the high volume of instances being reported – presented a management challenge. The cases quickly became overwhelming for line managers and pandemic supervisors.


We quickly implemented a dedicated team to manage an internal COVID-Support-Hotline for staff, the same kind of service successfully executed for numerous clients. The team assisted in the documentation and tracking of cases within an existing infrastructure, providing consistent medical guidance and quarantine protocols and follow up.


Quickly standing up a hotline for staff, we were able to effectively manage cases and keep the Assistance Center fully staffed, and went above and beyond with Duty of Care obligations.