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woman being tested for COVID by nurse with personal protective equipment

Case Study

Sailing with Safety: Providing Business Continuity for a Global Cruise Operator



International SOS delivered thorough COVID-19 testing, staffing, quarantine, and isolation assistance to a prominent global cruise ship operator. Our services were deployed across 18 resort locations spanning Alaska and Canada, meticulously upholding rigorous health protocols. Through our dedicated efforts, the cruise operator seamlessly resumed operations in Alaska during the summer of 2023.


Prior to boarding, vaccination and a negative test were mandatory, placing stringent requirements on passengers. However, executing this strategy encountered several hurdles:

  • Alaskan cruises often involve multi-day land tours, complicating pre-boarding testing logistics
  • Tight timelines intensified pressure for implementation
  • Limited digital record-keeping access presented challenges
  • Supply chain constraints affected testing supply availability
  • Concerns arose over staffing shortages for managing positive cases

In response to these challenges, the cruise operator turned to International SOS, leveraging our subsidiary Beacon for expert guidance, support, and program implementation proficiency.


International SOS swiftly assembled a dedicated team of medical professionals, logistics experts, and administrative support to orchestrate comprehensive testing services at over 14 locations across Alaska and 1 location in Canada. As land tour guests converged on various resort properties owned by the client, our team ensured meticulous testing protocols were executed before their embarkation on the cruise.

During peak travel periods, International SOS managed an astounding volume of over 1,000 tests daily, flawlessly overseeing all operational facets on behalf of the client.

In instances where guests received positive test results and were unable to board, we seamlessly orchestrated every aspect of their in-room quarantine and relocation to isolation facilities in Anchorage. Often requiring extensive travel via motorcoach over hundreds of miles, our team provided unwavering support, including ongoing medical monitoring, meal delivery, and coordination of their eventual release from quarantine.


The rapid execution of this initiative played a pivotal role in facilitating a strong comeback for our client and the entire cruise industry in Alaska.

In 2022, the cruise season welcomed over 1 million travelers back to Alaska, marking a significant milestone for the state's economy, which had been severely impacted by the global pandemic. This resurgence underscored the resilience of the industry and provided a much-needed boost to Alaska's tourism sector.