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Nurse checking worker's blood pressure onsite

Case Study

Preserving Workforce Wellness: Transforming Onsite Healthcare for a Global PVC Producer



Positioned amidst project expansions, a prominent global producer of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) in the United States, faced the imperative of ensuring the health and safety of its expanding onsite workforce. Collaborating with the International SOS team in North America proved pivotal, furnishing tailored workplace solutions that prioritised personnel well-being. By entrusting their occupational health care needs to International SOS, the client not only strengthened onsite safety protocols but also underscored their unwavering commitment to excellence within the chemical industry.


The expansion of any industrial project, particularly in the petrochemical sector, inherently poses risks such as accidents, injuries, and health emergencies. To address these potential hazards, the client required comprehensive medical solutions tailored to their needs and the industry's stringent compliance standards. With a dedicated onsite medical team, the project aimed to ensure swift and effective emergency responses to incidents ranging from chemical exposures to heat-related illnesses and traumatic injuries. This capability was critical for minimizing the severity of injuries and facilitating timely medical interventions, potentially saving lives in critical situations. The onsite medical team conducted routine health screenings, monitored workers, and responded to occupational illness or injury, thereby mitigating health risks associated with the job.

Additionally, the International SOS team spearheaded other workplace solutions including employee wellness programs and health education initiatives to foster a culture of health and safety, encourage preventive health practices, and enhance overall wellbeing in the workplace. By investing in employee wellness, the project not only demonstrated its commitment to supporting the physical and mental health of its workforce but also aimed to improve productivity and morale onsite.


The International SOS medical services team deployed medical staffing as well as a project management team to craft a comprehensive solution to ensure optimal care for our onsite workforce. Onsite medical staff were strategically stationed at the project site, providing immediate attention and emergency response. Collaborating with local clinics expanded our capabilities for specialised care, while telemedicine facilitated remote consultations. Our diligent case management ensured uninterrupted care, with medical directors overseeing adherence to best practices. Under the guidance of a dedicated project manager, seamless coordination and proactive risk mitigation were prioritised, reinforcing our commitment to the health and well-being of our personnel.


By seamlessly integrating the expertise of onsite medical personnel with a range of medical solutions, including clinics, telemedicine capabilities, injury case management, medical oversight, and a dedicated project manager, we established a robust system. The comprehensive ecosystem of medical solutions deployed onsite resulted in a medical response rate that was 99.7% effective, keeping occupational injuries at non-recordable.

  • 7K employees covered
  • Total employee encounters: 23,085
  • Total injuries treated on site: 1,283
  • # treatments classified as First Aid only: 1,256
  • # treatments classified as OSHA recordable: 27