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Case Study

International SOS Optimises Client’s Emergency Management Services

International SOS successfully collaborated with a prominent Oil & Gas company in Oman, streamlining their Emergency Management Services by identifying and addressing gaps in procedures and processes. Through a comprehensive advisory approach and alignment with third-party service providers, the company achieved resource optimization, cost savings, and harmonization, ultimately enhancing their emergency preparedness and operational efficiency.



International SOS provided advisory support to optimise the Emergency Management Services of one of the world’s leading Oil & Gas companies in Oman.


One of the world’s leading Oil & Gas companies operating in Oman was facing issues consolidating the Emergency Management Services delivered through its in-house and third-party service management companies.


International SOS worked with the client’s Emergency Management Team, including their third-party service providers, to review the infrastructure, procedures and processes in place. A team of International SOS consultants, with broad industry and regional experience, identified gaps according to industry and national standards. We engaged in several rounds of meetings with our client and its third-party service providers to align on the steps which should be taken to mitigate risks associated with the identified gaps.

The Professional Services Team from International SOS developed a set of recommendations including its reflection on areas of continuous improvement for our client. We also devised an Emergency Management Services roadmap which our client could use to work with their third-party service providers. Further to this, we provided a long-term self-calibration programme so that our client could remain agile should circumstances evolve over a period of time, or should there be certain changes to their work activities.


The client acknowledged that International SOS had helped them to identify under-recognised areas in their Emergency Management Services. This essentially led to resource optimisation and helped them to save additional costs. The client was extremely satisfied that our solution ensured harmonisation across their in-house and third-party service operators.