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Covid Testing

Case Study

On-Site Medical Support for a Global Management Consultancy Event During Covid-19



International SOS provided onsite medical support for a global management consultancy holding an event in Amsterdam across six days. This included the provision of onsite COVID-19 testing as well as pre-travel PCR and Antigen testing.


In June 2022, our client ran their largest internal event yet with 700 attendees from all around the world. Most attendees were Partners in the firm and included senior executive Board Members and their families. 

Company policy dictated that the number of attendees alone would require onsite medical support, however, the COVID-19 pandemic meant that the organisation had to navigate the complexity of COVID-19 travel restrictions and testing requirements. Furthermore, given that staff were travelling to the event from across the world, they would be returning to countries with differing rules on COVID-19 re-entry testing.


International SOS was approached to support with this complex situation. Our health experts prepared an Event Medical Support Plan which provided the client with all necessary information related to the medical support for the event. They were also able to provide the client with a briefing on the health landscape in-country along with setting expectations on local care pathways and the patient journey in case an attendee was to require medical assistance.

A project manager was deployed to the event to coordinate the logistics and COVID-19 testing requirements. An onsite medical team, including two lab technicians, were deployed to the event for the full six days to provide medical support for all event support attendees. This included on-site covid testing as well as a 24-hour telephone line setup to provide access to the onsite medical team in case of the need for medical support.


International SOS on-site support provided the following:

  • Helped mitigate the COVID-19 risk by providing onsite medical support and COVID testing.
  • Provided reassurance to the client that they had the necessary onsite medical support for all attendees, should the unexpected happen.
  • Reduced lost time at the event through onsite COVID-19 testing for travel.