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Case Study

Mental Health and Wellbeing Support to a Large Aviation Organisation



International SOS provided mental health and wellbeing support to a large aviation organisation.


PHI International have long had health and safety as key  priorities for their organisation. The launch of ISO 45003 in 2021, the first standard to focus on psychological health and  safety and the management of psychosocial risk, presented an opportunity to lead the way in developing a psychologically healthy workplace for their employees. 


We conducted a psychosocial risk assessment aimed at identifying how they could build on their existing health and safety provisions and determine a roadmap for achieving ISO 45003. Initially, evidence was taken from a number of sources including organisational documentation, data as well as  interviews with key stakeholders and employees. This allowed  us to take a deep dive into the experience of working at PHI  International from a number of perspectives, gaining unique and revealing insights for the client. The data was then synthesised into two outputs – a gap analysis against ISO 45003 and a psychosocial health IGLOo to identify barriers and facilitators to health and wellbeing.


The report provided both granular detail on actions and developments needed, as well as a series of measurable and specific recommendations. The report was presented to the Chief Executive of PHI International, who described it as ‘an  impressive piece of work and just what we need to go forward’.