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Case Study

Extending Healthcare Reach in Haiti

International SOS team assisted in supply, delivery, installation, training & maintenance of Medical Equipment



International SOS assisted to navigate the complexity of the region to successfully supply, deliver, install and maintain medical equipment across 44 healthcare facilities in Haiti, as well as provide training for health workers. 



The project required the management of more than thirty lines of highly complex medical equipment as well as last mile delivery to 44 healthcare centres across Haiti, within a short timeline. Political instability and the remote nature of the locations, including infrastructure, communication and transportation challenges, added additional layers of complexity that required careful planning. 



International SOS established a dedicated control tower to carefully manage suppliers, supply chain, quality assurance and document qualification for successful project execution while leveraging our regional teams to provide technical support on-the-ground. We identified alternative delivery routes and leveraged our qualified partners to deliver the last mile in a cost-effective manner.



International SOS worked closely with the client and other key partners to deliver a cost-effective solution. We successfully navigated the complexity of delivering and installing the required medical equipment within the local context, as well as providing training and maintenance in support of the mission.