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Case Study

Data Breach Reported on Social Media



A potential exposure of our client’s sensitive data was reported on social media by alert launchers. Some of our client's customers in Japan have been calling the sales team on Monday morning, demanding immediate answers.

Support and Solution

The Sales Director in Japan called our specialist on the Incident Escalation line in the middle of the European night. As data breaches were one of the pre-defined scenarios our team had a specific crisis playbook in place. After collecting necessary details about the incident we were able to swiftly notify our client's social media monitoring agency, as well as the relevant Head of IT Security.


Our client was informed by our specialist team that the event was not limited to Japan only. Our client was able to start immediate data protection measures on their IT infrastructure across all geographies before the breach extended to other locations. Their social media monitoring agency quickly launched a campaign to communicate transparently on the event in Japan. Our client's sales teams worldwide were able to connect and reassure their non-impacted clients even before they were aware of the situation, evidencing their preparedness and proactivity in managing such events.