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Chemical spillage into river near a factory

Case Study

Chemical Spillage into a River Next to Your Factory



Several sealed boxes containing chemical waste were found leaking in a warehouse belonging to a factory a few yards away from a river.

Support and Solution

Industrial accidents are among potential crisis scenarios for many industries. Promptly and effectively informing the right people allows for making the right decisions, activating escalation and crisis management plans and minimizing consequences. The plant manager called their dedicated Incident Escalation Line. As it was one of the pre-defined triggers, our expert followed the procedure and quickly narrowed down the incident with the first caller. He promptly drafted a structured report and notified the respective security manager as agreed in the protocol beforehand.


Due to the responsiveness of the Incident Escalation team, our client's security team was promptly informed about a serious incident. This enabled them to minimise contamination risks for factory staff and the surrounding local community while an internal incident management team was established to proactively communicate with authorities. The executive leadership team was informed in time to allow for preparing messaging for potential media enquiries.