Working with an insurer to deliver the best medical outcome for a patient


International SOS partnered with Chubb to provide medical consultation to David, a French national, suffering from food poisoning during an international assignment.


Service: Assistance in partnership with an insurer
Location: Hong Kong.



David was travelling to Hong Kong to carry out a business assignment. Amidst travel, David began to feel unwell, and ended up suffering from food poisoning. He requested for a doctor to come and visit at night.




After David reached out to us, we were on hand to work with Chubb to check and ensure that he was covered as part of his company’s insurance policy. We then prepared and educated David on potential medical and security risks. Our health experts provided advice on how to best manage the symptoms and self-treat. We also provided regular checkups and called back at regular intervals to monitor David’s situation. 




The impact was positive as we were able to deliver greater peace of mind and protection by significantly enhancing David’s planning and preparation. David followed the advice provided by our health experts and later stated that he was feeling much better. Mitigating the need to visit a local doctor, we provided an estimated cost saving of US$4,800.