Wellbeing Programme Solution for a Leading Oil and Gas Company During Covid-19


International SOS provided a comprehensive wellbeing programme solution for a large oil and gas conglomerate during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Service: Wellbeing Programme
Location: Global



Our client’s mission was to make a positive contribution to their people’s health and wellbeing. They wanted to promote a healthy lifestyle so that their people could reach the highest attainable standards of wellbeing and health. However, amidst a global pandemic, a creative way to engage their workforce and promote a healthy lifestyle was proving difficult.





Our medical director was on hand to develop a plan with our client’s senior occupational health and safety communication team. This plan involved building a strategic wellbeing programme that could work virtually during a global pandemic. Part of the programme consisted of a 'Digital Wellness Portal' where employees could complete lifestyle assessments, take part in fitness challenges, link their fitness devices, socialise with colleagues, and access a learning library.



The impact was very positive as it helped engage employees and boosted their mental and physical wellbeing. This experience resulted in a 92% satisfaction rate with the efforts during the activities, while 68% of participants perceived an improvement in health post challenge.