Support to Employees of a Multinational Company During the End Sars Protests in Nigeria


International SOS supported the employees of a multinational company during the End Sars protests in Nigeria.


Service: Assistance
Location: Benin City, Nigeria



Our client's employees were stranded at their work facility and unable to meet the rest of the team at their hotel due to spontaneous protests across Benin City. Their work was disrupted for several days and the staff lacked information on the protests, and therefore were unable to fully understand the risks at hand. The situation further escalated on the streets as gunshots were reported and tires set alight.




After receiving a call from our client, we were immediately on hand to provide advice on the location of the protests and the ongoing risks. We provided hourly check-ins via phone, and maintained constant communications to inform them on the latest developments. We selected the most suitable hotel for our client's staff. Allowing them to reunite with the rest of their team, while staying near their work facility until the situation became more stable.



The impact was very positive as we were able to help our client's employees avoid dangerous areas and remain in safe locations throughout the protests, as well as ensuring business continuity as soon as the situation subsided.