Return to China During the COVID-19 Pandemic


International SOS provided TeleConsultation to a group of Chinese employees transiting in Dubai as they were travelling from Chile to China.


Service: TeleConsultation
Location: Dubai, UAE



A group of employees were on a flight from Santiago, Chile to China, transiting in Dubai, while the UAE government suspended visas for all Chinese citizens. Our client were afraid their employees would be stranded in Dubai and grew concerned as they sought some rest during the over 24 hour layover, being unfamiliar with the environment and facing language barrier. 




We helped our client in understanding the transit policy and advised on the travel arrangement in the future. Mandarin-speaking Coordinating Security Specialists in Dubai made proactive phone calls to the travellers to help them navigate the terminal and coordinated with the only hotel they could stay for rest. Our Beijing Assistance Centre monitored the flight to Beijing and made courtesy calls to ensure the travellers had landed safely.



All the travellers successfully boarded the flight back to their hometown after having a good rest period during the transit. Our client was able to fulfill the Duty of Care for their international assignee's.