Providing domestic travel advice during local COVID-19 outbreak in Gutersloh


International SOS provided security consultation to Rachel, an employee of a heavy machinery and manufacturing corporation, amidst domestic COVID-19 travel restrictions for people travelling from Gutersloh to other parts of Germany.


Service: Consultation
Location: Gutersloh, Germany



Rachel wanted to travel from Gutersloh to Hanover and wanted to enquire about existing domestic travel restrictions. Not knowing whether her business meeting was going to go ahead, she became more concerned and did not know what to expect from the impending travel restrictions.




Our security experts had comprehensive knowledge of the existing regulations in place. We were on hand to provide Rachel with the travel restrictions in her destination and informed her that her business trip was possible.



The impact was very positive as Rachel was very relieved to hear that she could safely travel from Gutersloh to Hanover and attend her important business meeting.