Overcoming Medical Evacuation Challenges during the COVID-19 Pandemic


International SOS provided a medical evacuation to a Kenyan national requesting immediate medical support from Myanmar to Kenya during the COVID-19 pandemic. 


Service: Medical Evacuation
Location: Yangon, Myanmar



We received a call from a 50 year-old Kenyan national requesting immediate medical support. The patient, working for an organisation based in Myanmar, was feeling very unwell with growing concerns related to his illness. With the current travel complications and requirements, it was very challenging to facilitate a local medical evacuation. As the patient was due to undergo surgical treatment, he preferred to have it performed in his home country in the presence of his family.




As the patient required hospitalisation, we leveraged our assistance network to find the most appropriate hospital. We identified and mobilised an air ambulance provider that could fly from Yangon to Kenya. We continued liaising with the patient’s family and his employer with updated information on the evolving situation. After receiving all clearances, the medical evacuation was made possible after a week of hard work and dedication.



The patient arrived safely to his destination and was transported to a local hospital where he received the necessary surgical treatment with the support of his family.