Helping an organisation to quickly assess if their people were affected by the 2021 US capitol attack


Our client used Tracker to quickly identify any employees in the vicinity of the attacks. And checked to see if they were safe.


Service: Tracker (Workforce Resilience)
Location: Washington D.C., United States



Our client’s people are regularly travelling to and around Washington D.C. During the US Capitol Attack, the organisation wanted to quickly assess if any of their employees were nearby or affected.





Our client had provided their business travellers with access to the International SOS App. Considering the severity of the incident, our security team issued a Special Advisory alert which triggers an automatic crisis management process: When the attack happened, all employees were checked in automatically and receive an automatic communication in order to check if they are safe. 


Secondly, the system emailed our client contacts with a link to our live assessment of who was there and if they had already marked themselves as 'safe'. Logging into their secure Tracker tool, they were able to follow live as more employees marked themselves as safe. From here, they used the tool to communicate further advice and information directly to their people.



The organisation felt confident in the robustness of their emergency protocols and processes and had a clear method to report to their senior leadership and overall workforce about how they take the care of their people very seriously.