Health and Safety Provision to a Construction company during COVID-19


International SOS provided health and safety assistance to a construction company during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Service: Consulting
Location: British Columbia, Canada



Our client was building a pipeline across northern British Columbia, Canada, to deliver natural gas to an export facility. They already had a robust health and safety programme in place, but needed to make sure that it could stand up to the demands of the ever changing COVID-19 pandemic. 




With the health and safety of our client's workforce and local community being the top priority, our team of experts were on hand to implement procedures to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Our presence on-site meant that workers did not have to go through a local emergency department or medical clinic, unless absolutely necessary.


Additionally, our team of medics were deployed across a 670-kilometre pipeline to ensure workers performing everything from tree-cutting to welding had access to 24/7 medical case and advice. Our mobile clinics were stocked with everything from basic first aid supplies, to lifesaving equipment, such as defibrillators. 



The impact was very positive as our client had implemented best practices that met, and in many cases, exceeded all government guidelines.


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