First ground ambulance case from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore


International SOS successfully transferred a 61-year-old Singaporean diagnosed with lung infection and stroke from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Service: Medical Evacuation
Location: Kuala Lumpur to Singapore



We received a call from the patient’s son asking for our assistance for a ground ambulance to transfer his father back to Singapore to complete his treatment. The patient was first hospitalised at University Malaya Medical Centre (UMMC) for two weeks and was later transferred to Columbia Asia Rehabilitation Centre in Shah Alam, Kuala Lumpur, when UMMC faced bed shortages. Due to the COVID-19 Movement Control Order in early January 2021, cross border travel was subjected to tighter restrictions, with Malaysian ambulances not permitted to enter Singapore.




After the request was made, the Kuala Lumpur Assistance Centre was activated immediately to secure the availability of a ground ambulance. Once the request was confirmed and accepted by Changi Hospital Singapore for the patient, documentation was submitted for the permit of the ambulance entry into Singapore to both the Ministry of Health of Singapore and Malaysia. 



This is our first successful ground ambulance cross border transfer from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore during the COVID-19 pandemic. The patient arrived safely to his home country and was with family within the shortest time possible.