COVID-19 Education for a Diverse Workforce


International SOS provided best practice education about the COVID-19 pandemic to the employees of an American IT multi-national with large manufacturing & retail operations in Asia.


Service: Infectious Disease Response 
Location: Beijing, China



China, a country that has a widely dispersed population and is very well read, poses challenges in providing best practice tips to such a diverse society. Our client needed employees to return to Chinese retail stores and manufacturing sites after the Chinese New Year.




We were able to provide our client with multi-language educational webinars for employees around the world. These factored in our medical team's analysis, government directives, and open research. Subtitles were also provided for the hearing impaired, as well as recordings on our client's intranet for ease of access.



Employees were able to return to the corporate and retail sites. The company was able to resume business and able to guarantee continuity. Employees were reassured in the midst of the pandemic.