Clinics teleconsultation during COVID-19 pandemic in Kazakhstan


International SOS clinic General Practitioner (GP) provided a TeleConsultation to Tom, who developed a medical problem but was worried to leave his house and use public transport amidst the COVID-19 outbreak in Nursultan, Kazakhstan.


Service: Clinics, Teleconsultation
Location: Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan.



Tom noticed rashes on his body that started bothering him. He wanted to speak to a doctor about it but was worried about leaving his residency and travelling to the clinic during the COVID-19 lockdown. 




Tom reached out the International SOS clinic in Nur-Sultan and a TeleConsultation was immediately arranged with the clinic’s GP. During the TeleConsultation, the doctor understood the nature of the rash, diagnosed it and prescribed necessary medicine which Tom bought in a pharmacy close to his residency.



With the arranged TeleConsultation with our clinic’s GP, Tom received the best medical advice which helped him to resolve the issue and reduce his chances contracting COVID-19 by avoiding public transport.