Assisting a Large Food Multinational During Missile and Drone Strikes in Saudi Arabia


International SOS assisted our client, one of the world's largest food companies, amidst ongoing missile and drone strikes in Saudi Arabia.


Service: Assistance
Location: Saudi Arabia



Our client was concerned about their employees who work and live in the south-west region in Saudi Arabia, where missiles and drone strikes are a regular occurrence and somewhat difficult to verify. They wanted to ensure the safety and preparedness of their workforce, consisting of assignees and local nationals, in the event that a missile or drone strike hits near their operations or an urban centre. 




Considering the impact that an incident would have on their employees and operations, our client opted to have an escalation matrix and internal relocation plan created by our security experts for their operations in Saudi Arabia. Additionally, their local crisis management team completed a simulation exercise workshop in order to understand their roles and the necessary steps to take in the event of an incident occurring.



The impact was very positive as our client's workforce in the region have been well-equipped to manage an escalation through comprehensive and established plans and processes.