Accurate, Timely Information to an Oil and Gas Multi-national during the COVID-19 Outbreak


International SOS provided timely and accurate information to an Oil and gas multi-national company in the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak.


Service: Best Practices Implementation
Location: Hanoi, Vietnam



Our client faced several challenges including how to accurately update their crisis management team and managers, as well as knowing the readiness of many smaller sites, without subject matter experts, in different locations. 




Our client reached out to us and talked us through their situation. We were able to provide multi-language webinars to inform and reassure their employees. We also packaged information that was made available for our client's crisis management team to make better and more informed decisions. On top of this, we provided our client with a digital tracking tool to map out assets globally and know their level of preparedness, as well as on-site, local nurse coordinators to allow communication between employees and public health authorities.



The outcome was very positive as we helped ensure business continuity and enablement during this very difficult time of COVID-19.