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Case Study

Boat Evacuation for Student Diagnosed with Covid-19 on a Remote Island



When unforeseen emergencies strike: International SOS Malaysia’s support for the evacuation of a student from an island while on a school trip.


A Singaporean student was diagnosed as being COVID-19 positive while on a school trip to Tioman Island, Malaysia. With the remoteness of the location and the unsuitability of public ferries, an immediate emergency evacuation was needed to transport the student back to Singapore for quarantine.


Upon contacting our Kuala Lumpur Assistance Centre, a boat evacuation was recommended to transport the student from Tioman Island to shore, accompanied by two teachers as non-medical escort companions. A rescue boat was activated, with the student and teachers safely disembarked from Tioman Island. The patient was handed over to the care of the Ground Ambulance Team in Mersing, who then transferred the student back to their residence in Singapore for quarantine. 


Our quick turnaround support through arranging both a rescue boat and ground ambulance to evacuate the patient showcased our swift response and agile capabilities in a remote location. Our recommendation for the teachers to escort the young patient demonstrates our care for the student’s mental well-being to alleviate any distress from travelling alone in a foreign country.