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Case Study

Avoid a Worsening Condition and Costly Evacuation



International SOS’ provided expert medical advice, qualified health providers and logistical support. Consequently, the risk of a debilitating stroke was averted. Moreover, an Australian based country manager was able to make a full recovery.  


Nick, Country Manager from Australia, was not feeling well while working in Yangon. He immediately visited our clinic to seek medical advice.  



Our clinic doctor assessed the patient. He discovered weakness on the left side of his body, drooped mouth and slower speech. Our doctor recognised that Nick was suffering a moderate stroke. He was immediately moved by ambulance to a hospital for in-patient emergency. The International SOS medical team escorted Nick from the clinic to the hospital. Upon stabilising Nick’s condition, he was evacuated to Bangkok on a commercial flight to an appropriate medical centre. He received further treatment, under the intensive care unit. Nick returned to the Australia to recuperate after the treatment in Bangkok. Since then, he has made a full recovery and has returned to Yangon to continue his assignment.


The impact was very positive. International SOS’ early intervention prevented further escalation of Nick’s condition and potentially saved Nick’s life. In addition to saving over $242,000, the organisation was able to: 

  • Prevent any major disruption to business or loss of productivity
  • Avoid lawsuit
  • Maintain their reputation and boost employee morale