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Aviation and Maritime Medical Equipment (1)

Case Study

An Intoxicated Passenger Struggles to Breathe in Flight



In-Flight Medical Response Saves Passenger Experiencing Severe Allergic Reaction.


A team member on a private flight to Las Vegas suddenly became nauseous and experienced difficulty breathing. Her colleagues considered possible causes, such as excessive alcohol consumption or a panic attack, but the situation rapidly worsened as she began to gasp. The crew's limited resources and lack of medical expertise raised concerns for the affected passenger's safety. 


The flight crew used the Digital Assessment kit and integrated In-Flight Assessment tool to gather the passenger's medical history and vital signs quickly. They contacted MedAire's MedLink for expert assistance, providing the collected information to the doctor. The MedLink doctor identified the severity of the situation and recommended administering an epinephrine auto-injector from the Advanced Aviation Medical Kit in response to a suspected severe allergic reaction.


The passenger's breathing returned to normal shortly after administering the epinephrine auto-injector, and the doctor concluded she most likely experienced a severe allergic reaction to crab meat. The swift actions of the flight crew leveraging available resources, such as the Digital Assessment kit, the In-Flight Assessment tool, and MedLink's expert advice, prevented a potentially life-threatening situation. This incident underscores the importance of a well-prepared crew, comprehensive onboard medical equipment, and access to trusted medical advice to ensure the safety of passengers during in-flight emergencies. The result is the ability of crew members to provide timely, accurate care with the guidance of MedAire's medical experts.