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Case Study

Hurricane Season Response

The 2022 Atlantic hurricane season was forecast to product an over-average number of storms due to high ocean temperatures. Read more about the information and advice that International SOS provided as part of our hurricane season response.


Information and Advice in a Natural Disaster

The 2022 Atlantic Hurricane Season was forecast to produce an above-average number of storms due to high ocean temperatures.  Nevertheless, the season started slowly due to persistent La Nina conditions and an extremely dry atmospheric, warranting a reduction in the forecast in September. But a small tropical disturbance in the Caribbean on 23 September quickly intensified into Ian, a major hurricane, over western Cuba and threatened the west coast of Florida.


Hurricane Ian made landfall in Florida as a strong Category 4 storm presenting very high storm surge along vulnerable gulf coast communities with catastrophic effects to the local infrastructure.


At the early stages of the hurricane formation, International SOS’s regional Crisis Management Team in Philadelphia convened in anticipation of potential requests of assistance. Client messaging was established, and an Incident Management Team deployed to the area providing valuable intelligence, public affairs media, and liaison with essential security providers.


Working closely, teams on the ground and in the security center expeditiously managed the surge in requests for assistance and information. This gave clients peace of mind knowing experts were there to help in any way possible – from intelligence to moving people, if necessary.