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725 Alerts in 150 countries (typical month)

Health, Natural Disaster, Security & Environmental Threats to your workplaces & assets globally.






Plan. Monitor. Respond.

Crisis Preparedness. Incident Response. Business Continuity.

Enterprise Health Security Center Overview


To provide all tools necessary to manage
common threats that impact your personnel in the workplace, ensuring business continuity at all times.


  • 40+ pre-scripted playbooks & plans. 
  • 2,200+ supporting templates, documents, tools, links and resources. 
  • Global Dashboard monitor all your assets against threats. 
  • Global Activity Reporting real time and exportable. 

Comprehensive and simple.

Painless implementation    |    Easy to use    |    Dedicated support 



 Content. Time-saving. Customization.


Leverage International SOS’ 30+ years of best practice planning for outbreaks, threats and incidents.


Services - International SOS


Our experts keep it up to date, so you don't have to.


  • Over 100 documents were updated or modified in 2018 alone.
  • Access anywhere you have wifi to customizable downloadable documents and tools.
  • Content includes employee frequently asked questions (FAQ’s), procedures, guidelines, protocols, calculators, drill scenarios and more. 
  • Access to manager level information and analysis regarding global pandemic threats & country-specific concerns. 
  • Ability to upload your own corporate and site-specific documents for central management. 
  • Simple and tactical health information written for a layperson manager

Enterprise Health Security Center Threat Plans


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In a crisis: No need to surf or cut and paste.


  • Email notifications are automatically sent to you when there is an incident within your site proximity.
  • Playbooks and checklists are already scripted for 40+ threats.
  • Documents and tools are already written and up to date for 40+ threats.
  • Actions taken by your management team are easily viewable and reportable.


Easy to modify plans right down to the site or asset.


  • Procedures and tools to manage incidents, a playbook for managers, customize the threat alert notifications impacting your facilities.
  • Customize who on your team has access to specific assets / sites.
  • Customize any content or playbook for any plan, and for any asset / site.
  • Customize how you want to be notified when there is an incident or a plan activity.
  • Ready support from our expert team.



Panel Discussion: Redefine Readiness


Our experts challenged organizations to think about their preparedness to respond when faced with global health security threats.

Topics covered:

  • The global threat climate over the last 12 months and looking ahead
  • Travel security threats affecting international travelers in impacted locations
  • Risk management challenges organizations face for their international assets
  • The importance of on-demand medical incident support, extended support and recovery
  • Where the international risk market stands and what solutions are available in a rapidly evolving digital world



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Protecting Staff Health in a Crisis: 3 Things Best Organizations DoProtecting Staff Health in a Crisis: 3 Things Best Organizations Do

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Can you afford not to be prepared?Can you afford not to be prepared?

Deployment of critical communication during crisis is Smart Business…Our guest speaker Mr Dean Dacko, previously Senior VP Head of Marketing and Products recaps learning points in Malaysian Airlines MH370 and MH17 air crash crisis

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This new Enterprise Health Security Center allows you to easily leverage International SOS’ team of medical and security experts to protect your employees and ensure business continuity.

International SOS Sample Documents Package Download

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Pre-built and customizable plans including playbooks, tasks and documents, but also pre-written FAQs, manager checklists, procedures and protocols will save you hours of efforts and uncertainty.



Global Organizations using the Enterprise Health Security Center:

NetApp | Prudential | Marsh & McLennan




Lee Wolfe NetApp

"This new Enterprise Health Security Center allows us to easily leverage International SOS’ team of medical experts to protect our 12,000+ employees and ensure business continuity. Two of the most significant benefits we’ve realised are the Peace of mind knowing we have a partner keeping current on health trends and mitigation plans; as well as the cost savings by significantly reducing our resources to maintain the vast amount of plans."


Lee Wolfe, Director of Risk Management, NetApp



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