Malaria: understanding the risk

Malaria: understanding the risk 

Did you know more than 10,000 travellers become ill with malaria each year1 and every 2 minutes a child dies from malaria2


Malaria is present in over 90 countries and territories. Although malaria is a preventable disease, it is potentially rapidly fatal. The serious and fatal outcomes can be avoided if the illness is quickly recognised and appropriately treated. Every year tragic stories of travellers who died from malaria are published, in which their family, friends and employers regret missing opportunities that could have led to more favourable outcomes. In addition to the human toll, the disease leads to significant economic losses and disrupts business operations.  


After trending down for years, the number of malaria cases rose in 2016 – by about 5 million cases. Instances of drug resistant malaria and mosquito resistance to insecticide are increasing.


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International SOS can help you manage the risk of malaria. 

  • We analyse and evaluate the risks at any location you are sending your employees to and recommend measures that help mitigate the risks. 
  • Through our specialist medical information and education programmes, we help you to prepare your travellers for the local situation as well as advise on measures to take if the situation deteriorates. Our training solutions include malaria eLearning, virtual and classroom courses.
  • Our qualified doctors and security specialists provide specific local advice  to your travellers no matter what, where or when.
  • We make sure your employees receive the latest information and are prepared.


For more information on malaria, including risk areas, maps and preventive recommendations – members can log in here.

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