Zika Virus

Key medical information on the outbreak evolution. View here to learn more. 

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  • Building resilience in your travel risk mitigation the times thumbnail image

    A wide range of adverse incidents and geopolitical tensions have highlighted the need to protect an increasingly mobile workforce.

  • Malaria: understanding the risk Anopheles mosquito

    Did you know more than 10,000 travellers become ill with malaria each year and every 2 minutes a child dies from malaria. Malaria is present in over 90 countries and territories. Although malaria is a preventable disease, it is potentially rapidly fatal. In addition to the human toll, the disease leads to significant economic losses and disrupts business operations. Read on to know the risk of malaria and how you can protect yourself and your employees . . .

  • Natural Disaster Assistance – International SOS

    Tsunamis, floods and forest fires happen all too often, as do earthquakes, hurricanes and other extreme weather events. Global organisations consider their business travellers and expatriates are at medium risk of hurricanes, typhoons and tsunamis whilst on assignment. 52% of large organisations report dealing with occurrences of these threats over a three-year period.

  • Air pollution: Should you be concerned? poluution thumbnail for topics page

    Air pollution is a topic being discussed almost daily in the news, and is included in many health and environment forums. Pollution affects business operations in many ways, from changes to traffic, vehicle design requirements, bans on burning, and even shutting some manufacturing plants at times.  For more information on air pollution, log in to International SOS’s dedicated air pollution website.

  • Ukraine

    Throughout late 2013 and early 2014, civil unrest spread as clashes between opposition activists, Government troops and pro-Russian forces intensified. In late February, Kiev saw its worst day of violence in 70 years, with at least 88 people killed.

  • Student travel

    Learning outside the classroom builds a pupil’s confidence and provides rich experiences as well as vital preparation for life beyond academia. But, taking young people to an unfamiliar environment presents a very unique set of health and security challenges.

  • Ramadan  sundown thumbnail

    During Ramadan, it is important for organisations to promote healthy routines to their workforce. Often, key indicators for lifestyle-related conditions are not often checked and known.

  • Immunisation

    Every year many business travellers contract unpleasant diseases such as typhoid, yellow fever, Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B. Suddenly a productive and successful business trip turns into weeks off work, recovering from an acute illness that could so easily have been avoided.

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