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Ebola Outbreak in Uganda

Spotlight on: The Ebola Outbreak in Uganda

On the 20 September 2022, the Ugandan health authorities declared an outbreak of Ebola in the country and have since confirmed a significant number of cases, including hospitalisations, and some fatalities.

Ebola is a haemorrhagic fever with a high fatality rate, often over 50 per cent*. The strain spreading in Uganda is the Sudan Ebola virus strain. Authorities report clinical trials for two vaccines developed for the Sudan strain may begin in Uganda in the coming weeks in hopes of curbing the outbreak. Symptoms take between two and 21 days to develop. People become infectious once symptoms appear.

Some countries have implemented enhanced screening of travellers leaving Uganda. Our health experts are monitoring the situation closely.

Our current travel advice is to defer non-essential travel to affected areas.

Situation Update Podcast 

To discuss the current Ebola outbreak in Africa, Dr Chris Van Straten, Global Advisor Clinical Governance and Clive Gillard, Director of Medical and Security Assistance Air Transport Services, Worldwide at International SOS, join our host, Paul Osbourne.

International SOS continues to monitor the situation closely and provides regular updates to its clients via email alerts, through the Assistance App as well as our online portal.
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