In the jungle of Vietnam or down the backstreets of Bogota - should you be in crisis, we are there to assist you.

For a crew member, researcher or journalist - venturing into a new territory for an opportunity, event or project is exciting - but above all, risky.

If on location - in a remote area, basic sanitation and hygiene could be poor, accidents could occur and appropriate medical treatment may not be available. The consequence of not addressing these issues could cause delays to your project, damage your reputation and introduce a whole host of other complex problems.


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In foreign settings, it is important to protect your team against health and security threats that often require the understanding, response and support of experts. To help you prepare and protect your team - we work with you to mitigate the health and security threats specific to your line of business. 


In what ways can International SOS help?

We educate your people, so they are made aware of the threats specific to their destination. On the road, we offer a broad range of services from 24/7 advice and assistance, to health and security experts on location.