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Return on Prevention

Research published by Prevent and commissioned by the International SOS Foundation, investigates the latest thinking on the risks associated with international assignments and the cost of failure.

The research shows how those organisations who take measures to mitigate the health and security risks associated with business travel and international assignment are not only meeting their moral and legal obligations; they are also making a wise commercial investment.

A research trinity
This research, alongside the Foundation’s global benchmarking study and the Global Framework which followed, complete a powerful trinity in Duty of Care research. Furthermore, these show how organisations who invest in the prevention of health risks commonly experience both direct and indirect cost-benefits. Making prevention programmes an essential management practice for a sound business.
The International SOS Foundation was founded in 2011. Its objective is to improve the health, safety, security and wellbeing of people working away from home, internationally and on international assignments.  
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Return on Prevention Infographic

Global Assignment Return on Prevention