Outbreak of ‘Extensively Drug-Resistant’ Typhoid in Pakistan

09 July 2018 ,  —


An outbreak of ‘extensively drug-resistant’ typhoid is on-going in Pakistan and a number of visitors have returned to their home countries infected. The outbreak began in 2016 in Hyderabad and has since spread to multiple districts and the city of Karachi.

Irene Lai, corporate medical director, medical information and analysis, at International SOS, said, “This strain of typhoid is resistant to many of the usual antibiotics and anyone is potentially at risk.  Travellers should see a specialist travel doctor at least two weeks prior to departure and ensure that they are vaccinated. Vaccination isn’t 100% effective, so even if vaccinated, they should  wash hands often, use hand sanitiser, and be careful in choosing what they eat and drink, as typhoid spreads through contaminated food and water  – thoroughly cooked food served hot, bottled water from reliable sources are safer choices.”  

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