Novel Coronavirus Update

30 January 2020 ,  London

Several flight operators have announced temporary suspension or the reduction of flights on routes serving China amid travel restrictions imposed in the country to contain the 2019-Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) outbreak. We advise travellers defer all travel to Hubei province due to official travel restrictions in place in some cities, the potential for further sudden restrictions on departure, and the risk of quarantine at their next destination. Members should also defer travel to other areas of China as advised by their local national authorities. Even in the absence of such advisories, members should consider deferring non-essential travel to the rest of mainland China based on their own considerations and risk assessment.

• Allow additional time when passing through airports in the region, taking into account temperature and health screening. Members travelling or transiting from China should anticipate more stringent scrutiny; follow official directives.
• We do not hold information on specific flights. Contact your airline directly to confirm the status of your flight. If you are affected by cancellations or suspensions, your travel agent will be able to assist with alternative arrangements.
• Do not travel if you are sick; travellers who are sick face the risk of being quarantined and tested.
• Monitor the latest information on the virus, as well as quarantine and isolation procedures being implemented, at airports of your destination and the point of origin.

For further information and advice on the virus, see the current International SOS medical alerts and information on ‘2019-nCoV’ within the Pandemic Information Site.

For additional queries or more itinerary-specific medical and travel advice, call International SOS.

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