Nipah Virus in Kerala India

06 June 2019 ,  London

International SOS is currently monitoring the situation in Kerala closely, following the confirmation of a Nipah virus case. Many people are under observation.

Nipah is a potentially fatal viral disease. In 2018, the outbreak spread quite rapidly affecting two districts of the state within two months.

People get infected through many ways. These include direct contact with infected bats, animals or other people, or through consuming fruit/unpasteurised fruit juice which has been contaminated by bats.

There is no specific treatment and no vaccine for Nipah virus. To prevent illness, avoid contact with sick people, infected animals (particularly bats) and select safe food and beverages.

For more details on the evolving outbreak, refer to the International SOS medical advisory that is updated regularly. Members can log in with their membership number or call any assistance centre for more information.

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