MedAire Launches Operational Security Solution for Commercial Carriers

29 March 2017 ,  —


New service to meet needs for consistent and timely information to aide safe flight operations

MedAire, the International SOS Company specialising in medical and travel security services to aviation and maritime clients, will now offer an Operational Security solution for commercial carriers. The new solution, provided through the International SOS & Control Risk joint venture, will provide airlines with additional security information, analysis and advice, enabling clients to more efficiently identify, assess and mitigate risks while managing costs.

MedAire commercial flight support

“Airline security departments are looking for reliable, non-biased data to make informed risk assessments,” said Bill Dolny, CEO MedAire. “Aviation security incidents from MH17 in Ukraine to the Daallo Airlines bombing in Somalia and the EgyptAir 804 incident have highlighted the real need for independent, timely aviation-specific intelligence to supplement the currently available government and country specific data. As dedicated experts in this field, our intelligence is designed by aviation security experts, and complements in-house security departments by providing access to an entire team of experts providing reliable intelligence vital to safe flight operations.”

MedAire’s Aviation Security Team provides security departments with independent advice and analysis to ensure the safety and security of crew, passengers and aircraft through all stages of a flight operation. The service includes Aviation Security Alerts emailed when there are events that impacts the air travel or the aviation industry, Airspace Assessments to provide over flight analysis of threats to aviation, Aviation Travel Security Briefs for analysis of threats to aircraft and aircrew operating into airports in countries with a medium to extreme travel risk, Go / No Go Assessments that provide operators with the information they need to make critical business decisions, and Regional Security Forecasts to provide a look at the week ahead for potential flashpoints and a synopsis of upcoming travel-related events by country. Together this information can help carriers meet compliance requirements for risk assessment and provide the analysis needed for safe route planning and in-flight decision making. To make this information easily accessible from anywhere,

MedAire has launched an aviation security app called AVSEC Intel which is available for iPad, iPhone as well as a Windows desktop version.

AVSEC Intel displays content based on a user’s destinations of interest. Security departments can see at a glance the medical and travel risk ratings for each location on the dashboard and quickly access security and travel information relating to each location. Proactive advisories alert users to events that may impact operations or personal wellbeing of crew at the selected destinations. Aviation Travel Security Briefs provide an overview of medical and security considerations in the vicinity of the airport and may be downloaded and emailed through the app.

In addition to the AVSEC Intel App, this new service provides clients with 24/7 access to information via client portal or real-time phone consultation with a security specialist.

MedAire is the leading provider of aviation specific safety solutions, starting with the first in-flight medical assistance solution and evolving to a full suite of medical and security safety solutions for both business aviation and commercial carriers. This new offering is based on client’s evolving needs for security information and builds upon MedAire’s 30+ years of expertise ensuring the best possible care of crew, passengers and aircraft. 

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Notes to Editors

MedAire an International SOS company, provides aviation and maritime crewmembers and passengers with fully integrated medical and security solutions. With one phone call, MedAire offers 24/7 access to emergency care doctors and security specialists any time of day, from anywhere in the world. When members need further support after their journey ends, the broader International SOS network enhances MedAire’s services throughout delivery. MedAire’s crew medical training is developed and delivered by medical professionals to build confidence and first-hand experience, while its vast array of industry-compliant and custom medical equipment has been defined by its medical and regulatory professionals based on decades of statistics and ISO 9001 quality standards.

MedAire’s MedLink, a 24/7 Global Response Centre, handles thousands of calls a year to help crew and passengers manage medical emergencies in the air and on the ground.