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Prefaced by Mr A Shokin, President, Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs

International and regional organisations operating in Russia face a number of unique challenges when trying to comply with the region’s health and safety regulations. The legal framework is complex and combines acts dating back to the USSR with modern legislation from various federal and regional agencies, offices, administrations and other government authorities. A lack of clear understanding of the requirements and non-compliance can lead to serious violations, accidents, legal action, financial penalties and reputational damage.   

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To help organisations gain insight into the risks, International SOS, the world’s leading medical and travel risk management company, has partnered with Enhesa, a global environmental, health and safety consultancy, providing EHS regulatory compliance assurance support to industries worldwide, to produce the new White Paper: Investing and Operating in Russia. How to Mitigate Occupational Health Risks and Meet Regulatory Compliance.

Evgeniy Lubalin, Regional Medical Director at International SOS, comments, ‘Organisations have both a moral and legal responsibility to provide a Duty of Care to their employees anywhere they do business and recognising and understanding regional Occupation Health standards and requirements is the first step to achieving compliance. While some of Russia’s regulations in regards to Duty of Care, are similar to many countries, there are several that are not standard for the EU, US and other countries. For instance, there is a requirement to provide employees in certain environments with milk during every shift, regardless of shift length.  Also, every employee under the age of 18 must undergo a mandatory medical examination regardless of the type of work and working conditions.  In partnering with Enhesa, our White Paper provides valuable insight to this essential area of knowledge for organisations operating in Russia.”

Tjeerd Hendel-Blackford, Head of Thought Leadership at Enhesa, comments, “Compliance is key to the successful foundation of any business.  Russia has a complex legal framework and failure to adhere to regulations can be detrimental and costly.  Identifying and implementing models to ensure compliance and best practice are crucial. It results in a high standard of safety for the workforce as well as protection for an organisation from disruption due to workforce injuries, and potential legal action.”

The White Paper addresses the most complex and contradictory legal requirements pertaining to occupational health and safety, harm prevention, current common law practices and provides guidance on the problems employees face in this field. It outlines the potential occupational hazards, the requirements for medical examinations and employer’s responsibilities to its worker. It also includes four case studies with examples of legal cases focusing on workplace accident and psychological damage. Lastly, it contains a best practice example of social responsibility focusing on high quality workplaces, including state-of-the-art production processes and high standards of safety and protection.

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Enhesa ( helps global multinational companies be compliant with, and stay on top of, Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) Regulations wherever they operate. Enhesa’s in-house team of multilingual regulatory analysts provide clear, concise and standardized analysis and insight on current and future EHS regulatory obligations in over 270 jurisdictions worldwide. Enhesa’s Compliance Intelligence and Regulatory Forecaster services enable on-going compliance management with EHS laws applicable to industry. Enhesa has offices in Brussels, Washington D.C. and Tokyo.