05 March 2018 ,  London


As the second largest economy in Latin America, Mexico has significant business opportunities for international and regional organisations. However, the complexity of the Mexican occupational health and safety regulatory framework, spread across General, Federal and Municipal governments, can pose significant challenges for firms to understand, and comply with, legislation. A lack of clear understanding of the requirements and non-compliance can lead to serious violations, accidents, legal action, financial penalties and reputational damage.  

To help organisations gain insight into the risks and regulations, International SOS, has partnered with Enhesa, to produce the new White Paper: Investing and Operating in Mexico: How to Mitigate Occupational Health Risks and Achieve Regulatory Compliance.

Dr Alvaro Sanclemente, Medical Director of the Latin America region at International SOS comments, “It is critical that organisations operating in Mexico can efficiently identify the legal occupational health and safety responsibilities relating to their business. As part of business continuity and sustainability considerations, it’s important they are able to design and implement effective strategies to manage these requirements. Developing and consistently updating policies, plans and procedures all need to be taken into account.  Our new paper with Enhesa will help organisations to identify their major considerations and help to direct potential strategies.”

Gabriela Troncoso Alarcon, EHS Regulatory Consultant at Enhesa comments, “Compliance underpins the successful foundations of any business. While Mexico has well-defined occupational health and safety regulations for employers, the requirements across governmental institutions can make it relatively complex. A compliant organisation not only has the framework for a safe and healthy workforce, but also the structure to minimise disruption caused by workforce injuries and potential legal action that could ensue.”

By highlighting the major health issues and providing a clear insight of the Mexican occupational health and safety regulatory system and requirements, this White Paper addresses the main legal and occupational health challenges faced by companies with operations in Mexico. It also illustrates, through case studies spanning across different industries, the potential consequences of non-compliance and their implications for organisations. Most importantly, this paper presents key practices for organisations to efficiently manage occupational health and safety risks. These specific considerations provide guidance to managers in terms of planning, risks and regulatory compliance gap assessments, communication with and empowerment of their workforce, to facilitate the design of adapted occupational health strategies and policies.   

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