18 June 2020 ,  Khobar

The Red Sea Development Company (TRSDC), the developer behind one of the world’s most ambitious tourism projects, has awarded International SOS – Al Rushaid the provision of medical services during the initial construction phase of the project. Through this partnership, a 700 sqm central medical facility is being created within the specially designed construction village to provide a range of services including primary healthcare, occupational health services and emergency response for the site’s estimated 28,000 construction workers as well as the project’s staff and visitors.


John Pagano, CEO of The Red Sea Development Company said: “As we strive to create a truly special tourist destination for visitors to enjoy, prioritising the health and wellbeing of our employees and partners is of paramount importance. We are going beyond international guidelines and setting new standards for labour management in the region, by making sure that the environment our people work in, is safe and comfortable.”


The central ‘hub’ medical facility, as well as satellite clinics at construction worksites across the development, are being created, managed, and operated by International SOS – Al Rushaid, ensuring that all facilities comply with Saudi Building Code. International SOS – Al Rushaid will also oversee the staffing and governance of all clinics, streamlining operations and ensuring that remote areas have direct access to a high standard of care throughout the development.


Medical services will also be delivered through mobile containerised facilities that can easily be relocated across the development as construction progresses. This approach not only allows TRSDC’s workforce to access facilities as required, but also leaves little to no impact on the environment.


Joerg Buenzel, General Manager of International SOS – Al Rushaid, noted how TRSDC’s approach to medical care is innovative for the industry and region: “Typically, contractors are each responsible for the medical care of their own workforce, which can lead to a fragmented system with inefficiencies encountered across a largescale development.


“TRSDC is removing the responsibility for medical care from the contractors and centralising it with a single medical provider. This ensures that all construction workers have uniform access to senior medical personnel and high standards of care. We share the unconditional desire and aspiration to build the right support for the workforce while adhering to the strict sustainability policies in place at the destination.”


The Red Sea Project is on track to welcome visitors by the end of 2022 with completion expected to be in 2030. The first phase of the development will include 14 luxury hotels offering 3,000 rooms across five islands and two inland resorts. It will also include a marina, entertainment facilities, an airport, and the necessary supporting logistics and utilities infrastructure. Upon completion, the destination will also provide up to 8,000 hotel rooms across 22 islands and six inland sites. 


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Joerg Buenzel, GM, International SOS – Al Rushaid Co. Ltd.
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About International SOS – Al Rushaid Co. Ltd. 

Founded in 2018, International SOS – Al Rushaid Co. Ltd. is a joint venture between International SOS and Al Rushaid Group, headquartered in Khobar. Through this unique partnership, International SOS – Al Rushaid provides a complete and integrated medical services solution to all clients, onshore and offshore, and established a newly renovated emergency, primary and occupational health clinic under the name of Burj Al Shifa Medical Complex in Dammam. The Medical Complex has been successfully accredited by Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare and upgraded to international standards with the goal of serving the healthcare needs of national and international organisations across Saudi Arabia. 


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The Al-Rushaid Group is a prominent and leading Saudi conglomerate, operating nationally and internationally for more than four decades.


Al Rushaid Group is principally involved in manufacturing, construction, engineering, trading, hospitality, commercial real estate, FM & Catering, renewables, healthcare and IT & Communication. The Al-Rushaid Group is supported by four key goals: Pioneering Leadership, Operational Excellence, Innovative Business Relationships, Dynamic Workforce.


It is our Mission to provide a vehicle through which the most innovative professional companies in the world could be responsive to the development needs of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. “Since its inception in 1978, Al-Rushaid Group has focused on the development of its human and capital resources, in line with the strong social and economic policies and clear vision of the government of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Our success can be attributed to our strong commitment to excellence and to a dedicated staff who are determined to provide services that meet or exceed the expectations of our clients.


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