Cyclone Amphan Advisory

21 May 2020 ,  —

Extremely Severe Cyclonic Storm (second-highest on a five-tier scale) Amphan is moving over Bangladesh’s Rajshahi division since crossing from India’s West Bengal state overnight on 20-21 May. The storm is expected to weaken gradually as it moves in a north-northeasterly direction on 21 May. Kolkata International Airport (CCU) remains closed due to the storm. Significant disruption to business continuity and infrastructure is expected in areas along the cyclone’s path.
Udit Mehta who leads International SOS’s team of Security Experts focused on the region and based within South Asia commented, “While the Bay of Bengal is a known epicentre of tropical storms, such natural phenomenon coupled with the immense density of population in contiguous coastal areas of India have traditionally challenged authorities and private organisations operating in the region alike.

“The forecast intensity of Super Cyclone Amphan, the strongest storm ever recorded in the region even as authorities battle the COVID-19 pandemic places additional and unforeseen strains on India’s disaster management resources. International SOS with a large team of Security Experts focused on India and Bangladesh is at the forefront of providing granular level situational intelligence to support its members to battle this conundrum of a crisis within a crisis. Our teams on the ground remain agile brining out credible and current assessment and advice on the situation and maintain holistic assistance capacities.”

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