15 April 2020 ,  London

Since the start of the COVID-19 outbreak, International SOS has been working with clients worldwide to support the global workforce with essential medical and security services tailored to the rapidly evolving environment. From Evacuation to Infectious Disease Response, TeleConsultation to Emotional Support, read some of the wide-ranging situations that have faced organisations and their people.


The activity has taken place across a wide range of sectors, including; governmental, education, NGO’s, retail, and energy, mining and infrastructure.


International SOS has formal recognition of its official status as an ‘Essential Service’ in many countries around the world, covering its Assistance and Supply Chain services.




  • Peru to the US - coordinated with the US State Department, 81 members were repatriated from Peru (Lima and Cusco) to the United States following a rapidly imposed lockdown. Read full case study
  • Guatemala to the US (Boston) - land and air evacuation, an executive was evacuated from Guatemala City to Boston via Mexico due to travel restrictions. Read full case study
  • Morocco to the US- charter flight evacuation for eight students from three US universities from Casablanca, Morocco, via London to the United States. Read full case study



  •  Medication needs – TeleConsultation supported a member who was running low on regular medication while impacted by the quarantining and containment in China. Read full case study


Infectious Disease Response:

  •  Education for a Diverse Workforce - best practice education about the COVID-19 outbreak to the employees of an American IT multi-national with large manufacturing & retail operations in Asia. Read full case study
  • Event Attendee Advice - best practice in responding to and managing COVID-19 health threats to a multi-national chemical producer, with events planned in Thailand. Read full case study


Best Practices Implementation:

  •  Travel Support – facing the complex and growing travel restrictions, a large real estate group in Asia and a leading investment management company in Singapore needed support and advice. Read full case study
  • Efficient Crisis Management Support - helping an Energy conglomerate to ensure that their operations were not prematurely impacted. Read full case study
  • Timely, Accurate Insight and Advice - helping a multinational Oil and gas company, to update their crisis management team and managers, as well as knowing the readiness of many smaller sites, in different locations. Read full case study
  • Overseas Film Production Support - film production support for a US Media and Entertainment company, on how to best manage their filming schedule. Read the full case study.


For up to date resources and information on the COVID-19 outbreak, click here.

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