ICC AOKpass - A secure way to present medical information

International SOS has partnered with the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and SGS Group to launch the ICC AOKpass mobile app, providing trusted recognition of employees COVID-19 compliance status. ICC AOKpass provides a privacy-preserving, digitally authenticated, secure and portable copy of an employee’s medical records, approved by a medical professional and only accessible by the individual employee.

Privacy by design
We believe that everyone should be able to indicate compliance with health requirements without compromising their right to strict health data privacy.

The ICC AOKpass technology is built upon three core principles - privacy, security, and portability - to enable individuals to present their health status without ever losing control of their medical information.

Read the ICC AOKpass privacy declaration.

Information never leaves an individual’s phone
AOKpass is built to be decentralised, meaning medical records are stored only on the individual employee’s device and will not be shared or stored elsewhere.

Share only what’s needed
When someone verifies the pass, the technology validates the digital signature of the individual’s pass to ensure authenticity.
An individual’s pass is then verified without the need of showing any personal or medical information.

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